C Series Spray System Icemakers

Size: 33kg
Sale price£780.00


C Series by Prodis – Clearly Cooler

A range of under counter icemakers specifically designed for the hospitality market. Perfectly suited to bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes.

Crystal clear super hard ice cools drinks quickly but melts slowly allowing drinks to stay colder for longer.

All machines are rated to climate class  T (Tropical) allowing them to operate in ambient temperatures up to 40°c making them suitable for installation in the most demanding environments.

The C series are fitted with patented flexible spray nozzles to minimise limescale build up and reduce maintenance intervals.

All machines are injected with high density polyurethane insulation to preserve the consistency and quality of ice for longer.

All components in contact with water have been designed to minimise friction and surface tension to reduce sound levels during production.

Standard Features

  • Specifically designed for the hospitality industry
  • Crystal clear super hard slow melting ice cubes
  • Manufactured in Europe to ISO9001 standards
  • Proven and reliable ice production system
  • Front venting
  • High drain exit height for easy installation
  • Patented flexible spray jets to minimise limescale build up
  • Front mounted mains on off switch
  • Injected HCFC free polyurethane for outstanding insulation
  • Spray system ice production
Model Production Storage  Ice Cube Size Width Depth Height
C25 22kg 6kg S – 14 gram 350 475 590
C35 33kg 15kg M – 22 gram 435 605 695
C45 42kg 15kg M – 22 gram 535 605 695
C60 54kg 30kg M – 22 gram 515 645 840
C80 75kg 40kg M – 22 gram 645 645 870
C130 135kg 60kg M – 22 gram 930 565 915

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