Freezer Monoblock Unit L006

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Production Facility: Turkey
Brand: FrigoMono
Type of casing: Monoblock
Application: LBP-23.3 °C/+45°C EN12900/20°C - RGT
Room Volume - V (m³) (+45°C): 6
Cooling Capacity (Watts) (+45°C):573
Energy Efficiency (COP): 1,55
Compressor Brand: Embraco
Compressor Type: Hermetic Reciprocating
Compressor Model: NEU2155U
Compressor Power Sup. (V / Ph / Hz): 220 - 230 / 1 / 50
Condenser Capacity Watts Dt = 15 °C: 3.900
Fan Motor Brand: Zıehl-Abegg
Rotation (RPM): 4 Poles (~1.400 RPM)
Fan Motor (Quantity x Diameter): 1x300
Fan Motor Input Power (kW): 1x0,113
Fan Motor Power Sup. (V / Ph / Hz): 220 - 230 / 1 / 50
Valve Brand: Danfoss
Low Pressure Control: Danfoss 061F7785  ACB-2UB1128MW A.B.  0,7 -1,7 Bar
High Pressure Control: Danfoss 061F6147 ACB-2UB132W Y.B. 15 Bar- 20 Bar

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